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   Hello and welcome to Team  My Name is Kirt Lander. I am a Natural Hoof Care Practitioner and endurance competitor. I have set up this site as a means of showing the public what barefoot horses are capable of.

  In the beginning, after my awakening to the ways of the natural barefoot horse, I used to preach my feelings about it to other horses owners. Many thought that I was out of my mind as they felt horses cannot be ridden barefoot let alone in a high performance manner on rugged terrain. I have since learned that showing by example says far more about the validity of "Going Barefoot" than any convincing words I could say. No one can deny the proof of the pudding hence the purpose of this web site.

 Currently this site is in it's infancy so many of the performance categories are vacant. Check back now and then to see the exciting additions. Information is more important than fancy frills so I have purposely kept this web site clean and simple with no horses galloping across the screen or other time wasting and annoying features.

  If you or someone you know has what I call a "Barefoot Performance Horse" whether it be involved in some form of competition or is ridden very actively on the rugged trail, I am interested in featuring your horse here. Send me your submissions for consideration.

  Please Enjoy!
Copyright 2003,  Kirt Lander